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by KK Design Studio Architect ConstructionCo.,Ltd.


Our company’s achievements coorperated with the country’s leading develop companies. We have produced, designed housing and condominium. We also have budget control, quality control and clear schedules to be in accordance with the owner's needs. Therefore, we are gainning trust in terms of quality work teams and how professional in tasks assigned.


construction achievement. Our outstanding strength is that we have a quality construction management team with experience in controlling budgets, production plans to meet a quality and make it complete as scheduled. There is an inspector team to inspect and control the working process. And, there is also an interior’s QC team to check the specification of the works and solve any tasks’ problems.


Our company have Interior team with export members we can go to  fieldwork  for inspection and list detail of work. Including create drawing spec and detail not to cause  design which couldn't came true or over estimated  budget. Our company encourage Aesthetics of Arts in design and creation 

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