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KK Design Studio architect Construction Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Kongkiat Lertmeenai in 2009.The company provides interior design, consultancy services and turnkey construction various types of projects. With our knowledge and professionalism. we are able to expertly serve our customer's needs.


KK Design Studio architect Construction Co ., Ltd. is equipped with interior designers, purchase department and project manager. The key components of turnkey projects are time management, material management, People management and budget that our teams handle them with ease.


The experience in the past make to see the mistake between the designing and construction. Sometimes the design can not be true, budget be escalate because the designer lack of experience in overseeing the actual construction, and not comprehensive about the materials. On the contrary, most of contractors often problems in the design. Because the contractor has no skill and knowledge in designing. Lead to construction process is on conceptual artistry, less aesthetic. Sometimes producer finished work with low standard. Low quality. Completed late out of scheduled time, and over budget control.


KK Design Studio architect Construction Co., Ltd. was founded to solve that problem. Company focused on mobility management. Working system is not complicated. The goal of KK design studio are to produce the new generation of designers who understanding in construction, and to produce contractors who understanding in design. The target in this part is 2 departments can coordinated in project. Integrate the aesthetic, construction and theory together to be the great work.


KK design Studio working for construction, Interior designed, renovation at any places such as townhouse, condo, showroom, offices, shops, etc. Besides that KK design studio also has the expert designer to introduce, the better choice in design work to the client <advising about furniture, lighting, decoration accessories, color etc.> In addition KK design studio give the client trusted in company by guarantee after completed the project "After sales service.

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